Solar protection films by meters, for windows and glass, shop windows.
They filter sunlight and reject heat, glare and UV rays.
They allow the entry of natural light. With this silver sunscreen vinyl you get privacy, and due to its insulating effect, this solar filter will help you keep your home cooler in summer, as well as warmer in winter, it is cheaper than other systems. It is quick and easy to place. With the solar protection sheet for U.V.A windows, you ensure that your garments do not fade, due to its U.V. and the showcase remains completely transparent.


Squeegee for application of vinyl (walls, furniture covering, etc.)


Silver solar protection foil for windows by meters. Also known as solar or spy foil, due to its insulating effect, this sunscreen will help you to keep your house cooler in summer, as well as warmer in winter. It is cheaper than other systems to protect your windows from high temperatures and you can do it yourself quickly and easily. The meters you buy are received in a single roll. This anti-heat vinyl is so easy to install that you can make yourself, as you can see in our installation video.


Transparent solar protection film for shop windows. Its solar filter filters 99% of ultraviolet rays, preventing discoloration through shop windows. It does not alter the transparency of the glass or modify the appearance of colors, it is suitable for museums, art galleries. You can see our installation video.

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